Museum exhibit /Warehouse in a division of the SibLag. Photograph.
A photograph of a warehouse in one of the divisions of the SibLag (1930s-1940s). It is kept in the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Municipal Local History Museum. 
Thematic indexState Power and Terror/
Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexThe Camps/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1930s, SibLag.
MaterialsPhotographic paper
Description of exhibitA black-and-white image of a room with walls made out of planks. There are shelves on the walls. On the shelves there are piles of fabric in various shades. In the bottom right-hand corner on one of the shelves there are piles of pointed balaklavas (“budyonovki”), with a five-pointed start sewn onto each. In the centre of the photo, against the background of the shelves, is a man in a rough soldier’s blouse with an upright turn-down collar. The blouse is taken in at the waist by a wide (leather) belt and on his left thigh there is a pistol-holster. He is wearing a service-cap. To his right there is a Viennese chair. The man is standing with his left arm leaning on the shelf immediately behind him, and his right hand on the back of the chair.
State of preservationThe bottom half of the photo is slightly torn and there are also several small holes in it.
Detailed annotationA photo of a warehouse in a division of the SibLag (1930s-1940s). The division of the camp and the owner of the store are not shown, but the photo probably shows a warehouse belonging to Home Guard (VOKhR) troops.
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Museum exhibit /Warehouse in a division of the SibLag. Photograph.