Museum exhibit /Record book of a shock-worker of a corrective labour camp
Record book of a shock-worker of a corrective labour camp in the name of prisoner Ivan Fedorovich Kovyrnov (born 1905), issued 10.05.1936. The camp’s name has not been established. It is kept in the Anzhero-Sudzhensk Municipal Local History Museum and exhibited on the stand “Repressii 1930kh” [“Repression in the 1930s”]. (Photo 06.07.2005). 
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Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation10.05.1936
Description of exhibitOriginal. The record book, which has a cardboard cover, consists of several pages, with printed letters, and is completed in handwriting in blue ink. On the reverse side at the top there is a quotation from J. V. Stalin: "Samoe zamechatel’noe v sorevnovanii sostoit v tom, shto ono proizvodit korennoi perevorot vo vzgliadakh liudei na trud, ibo ono prevrashchaet trud iz zazornogo i tiazhelogo bremeni, kakim on schitalsia ran’she v delo chesti in delo slavy, v delo doblesti i geroistva.” [“The most remarkable factor in competition is that it produces a basic revolution in the way people regard labour, since it transforms labour from a shameful and heavy burden, as it was regarded before, into something that is honourable and glorious, something brave and heroic”]. Slogans and words of encouragement are printed underneath: “Udarniku – udarnye l’goty” [“Shock-workers’ privileges for the shock-worker”], “Udarnik aktivno uchastvuet v ratsionalisatsii i izobretatel’stve” [“The shock-worker plays an active role in improvements and initiatives”], “Udarnik – pervyi signalizator o vsekh popytkakh klassovogo vraga vredit’, meshat’ proizvodstvu i perevospitaniiu vsei lagernoi massy” [“The shock-worker is the first to give warning of all attempts of the class enemy to harm and hinder production and the rehabilitation of all the masses in the camps”], [“Udarnik, trebui svoevremennykh otmetok v knizhke udarnika o tvoei rabote.” [“Shock-worker! Demand timely records about your work in the shock-worker’s record book.”]. The first page has the heading “Knizhka udarnika No _” [“Shock-worker’s record book No._”]. The number “214897”is an imprint from a stamp. Below that are the boxes printed on the form: surname, first name, patronymic ((“Kovyrnov / Ivan /Fyodorovich”, year of birth (“1905”), class (unreadable), term (“10”), date of issue of the book (“10.05.1936). The boxes are filled in and handwritten in blue ink. In the bottom part of the page space has been left for the stamp and the signatures of the Head of the Camp Region, the Head of the Cultural and Educational Section, and the President of the Staff for Competition and the Shock-worker System issuing the document. This part of the document has not been completed and the stamp and the signature are missing.
State of preservationThe paper is old and frayed along the edges. The ink is faded.
Detailed annotationA shock-worker’s record book issued on 10.05.1936 in the name of Ivan Fyodorovich Kovyrnov, a prisoner in a camp whose location has not been established. The original shock-worker’s book is exhibited on the stand “Repressii 1930kh” [“Repression in the 1930s”] in the permanent exhibition of the Museum.
PersonsKovyrnov Ivan Fedorovich, owner
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Museum exhibit /Record book of a shock-worker of a corrective labour camp