Museum exhibit /Stamp used in the garment industry in Vegeraksha.
A stamp with the inscription “OGPU B.B.L. [BelBaltLag][The OGPU White Sea-Baltic Camp]. 1930s. The stamp was used for marking packaging (sacks, bales and boxes) with items produced by the garment industry in Vegeraksha – one of the divisions of the BelBaltLag. It was found during earth works by a person living in Kem’ (Karelian Republic) and was given to the Kem’ Municipal Local History Museum “Pomor’e” in 1991 (Photo 2010). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book KM 708
SourceThe stamp was given to the Museum by Aleksei Fadeev, a student at Kem’ Middle School .
Date of acquisition1991
Types of exhibitsMuseum exhibits/Objects/
Types of exhibitsMuseum exhibits/Objects/
Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1930s
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1930s, BelBaltLag of the OGPU
Description of exhibitA metal plate with a raised inscription OGPU “B.B.L.” written as a mirror image. In the corners there are four round openings, for fastening.
State of preservationCorroded.
Detailed annotationThe stamp was probably used for marking large items (e.g. sacks, bales and boxes). It was found by an unknown local inhabitant in the Vegeraksha region (nowadays within the boundaries of Kem’, on Poduzhemskaya Street) during earth works in a kitchen garden. One of the subdivisions of the BelBaltLag - a branch of the garment industry - was operational in an area of Vegeraksha in the Eastern part of the town from 1931 onwards. On the 1st April, 1938, the overall number of civilian workers was 26, and that of prisoners was 3356. The factory-workers were mainly women. They made uniforms for NKVD employees and clothing for prisoners. The finished products were packed into boxes and the latter were stamped. The factory was evacuated from Kem’ in 1942.
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Museum exhibit /Stamp used in the garment industry in Vegeraksha.