Name index /Joudisius Ionas Baltrus (Ionas Varfolomeevich)
Last name, first name, patronymicJoudisius Ionas Baltrus (Ionas Varfolomeevich)
BiographyBorn on 18 June 1892 in the village of Vedarai near the settlemeent of Barzdai (equivalent to the present-day Shakiaiskii region in Lithuania). Attended Mariampol’skii and Vilkavishkskii grammar schools and studied at the Mathematical Faculty of the Imperial University of St Petersburg. Mobilised on 25 May 1916, assigned to the 2nd Preparatory Battlion, later to the Odessa School of Praporshchiki. On 8 December 1916 turned out to the Praporshchiki into the 289th Reserve Infantry Division. After 1918 he worked as a teacher. Between 1922-1923 he studied at the Higher Courses for Officers, spending some time in Belgium. Afterwards he became a teacher at the Kaunas Higher Military School. Brigadier-General of the Lithuanian Army. From 1939-1940 head of the Kaunas Higher Military School. 1940 on the staff of the Lithuanian Army incorporated into the Peasants’ and Workers’ Red Army (RKKA). From 1940-41 head of artillery of the 179th Rifle Division, awarded the rank of Major-General of Artillery (29.12.1940). Arrested in 1941. Sentenced on 5 September 1942. Sent to OsobLag No.1 (MinLag, g. Inta). Died of a brain haemorrhage 18.12.1950. Buried in the settlement of Abez’ in the prisoners’ cemetery under No. D-40.
Gulag InstitutionsNoril'Lag [Noril'sk Camp]/
Gulag InstitutionsUstVymLag [Ust-Vymsk Camp]
Gulag InstitutionsMinLag [Mineral'nyii Camp]/
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Name index /Joudisius Ionas Baltrus (Ionas Varfolomeevich)