Museum exhibit /Inscription on the sill of a feeding hole.
An inscription carved on a plank that served as the sill of the feeding hole in a prison door in the former Community Accommodation of the Golgofa-Raspiatskii Monastery (Anzer Island in the Solovetskii Archipelago, Archangel Province). The text of the inscription reads “180 lenin po KRDT sid. 12/XI.36 17/V.37”. It was discovered in August 1967 by the sculptor Leonard Nikolaevich Sen’ko during a tour to the Solovetskii Islands. Sen’ko broke out the board with its inscription and kept it at home in memory of the prisoners of the Solovetskii Camps. In the 1970s he made a form with this board and several plaster casts. In 2001 L.N. Sen’ko gave the board with its inscription to the museum of the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” (St Petersburg). (Photo 14.04.2005). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book KP-170
Creator of collectionSen’ko L.N.
Date of acquisition12/05/2001
Authors and foundersSen’ko Leonard Nikolaevich, creator of collection
Authors and foundersRazumovskii Lev Samsonovich
Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Thematic indexMemory
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
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Thematic indexExecution
Date and place of creation17.05.1937, Golgofa Mountain on the Island of Anzer in the Solovetskii Archipelago, the building of the Solovetskii Prison (formerly the Community accommodation).
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1930s-1980s, Anzer Island (Solovetskii Archipelago).
SizeLength of the inscription – 20cm, height -8cm, Dimensions of the board
34 x 14 x 1.8cm.
Description of exhibitA rectangular board with an inscription done with a sharp object. The inscription, divided into three lines, reads: “180 lenin. po KRDT sid. 12/XI/36 / 17/V 37.”
State of preservationThere are two holes where nails have been removed and on the reverse side there are traces of rust from the nails. One edge of the board has been eaten away by woodlice. There is a long split down the middle of the board. The board was split and then repaired (glued) with fish glue.
Detailed annotationThe inscription was carved on a plank that served as the sill of the feeding hole in a prison door in the former Community accommodation of the Golgofa-Raspiatskii Monastery (Golgofa Mountain, Anzer Island in the Solovetskii Archipelago). The text of the inscription reads “180 lenin po KRDT sid. 12/XI.36 17/V.37” [“180 Leningraders are serving for Counterrevolutionary and Trotskiyite Activities 12/XI.36 17/V.37”]. The inscription was probably carved just before the transfer of convicts who were on prison regime away from Golgofa. It was found by the sculptor Leonard Nikolayevich Sen’ko in August 1967 during a tour to the Solovetskii Islands. (L.N. Sen’ko simultaneously discovered a similar inscription, "12/XI 36 pribyla partiia 205 chel. K.R. i K.R.D.T. ubyli 17 maia v neizvestnost’” [“12/XI/36 a group arrived of 205 people counterrevolutionaries and for counter-revolutionary and Trotskyite activity; departed for destination unknown 17 May 1937”] on a wall in the corridor of this same accommodation; later, at the end of the 1980s, the inscription on the wall was photographed by Iu.A. Brodsky). There is a spelling error in both inscriptions, which read “KRDT” instead of “KRTD” (kontrrevoliutsionnaia trotskistkaia deatel’nost’ - counter-revolutionary Trotskyite activity”). Sen’ko broke off the plank with the inscription, at which point the plank split into two parts; later, in Moscow, he glued the two halves together and kept the plank at home, in memory of the Prisoners of the Solovetskii Camps (the plank was hung openly on the wall in a room). In the 1970s he made a mould from this plank and several plaster casts, which he then gave to his friends. One of these casts was kept in Leningrad by his friend, Lev Samsonovich Razumovskii, who gave it to the museum of the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” (St Petersburg) at the end of the 1990s. In 2001, L.N. Sen’ko gave the original plank to the museum and the plaster copy was returned to L.S. Razumosvsky. The mould for the cast is kept in Sen’ko’s workshop in Moscow. It has not been possible to establish the full story of the group of prisoners from Leningrad that is mentioned in the inscriptions. It is known that on the 12.11.1936 a group of deportees was taken straight from Leningrad to Anzer Island and that in it there were prisoners sentenced according to by Article 58 for crimes covered by the letters KRD and KRDT. The number of people in the group varies, depending on the various sources: 226 persons, 205 and 204 (It is probable that women were not counted in the second and third estimates: they arrived with the same group but were kept separate). All the men were billeted in the former Community Accomodation of the Golgofo-Raspiatskii Monastery and until May, 1937, were kept in isolation from the other prisoners of the Solovetskii Camp (a system of political isolation, in fact). In the Spring of 1937, in connection with the organisation of the Solovetskii Special Purpose Prison there was a re-distribution of prisoners to various assignments in the Archipelago. The Leningrad Group was sent from Golgofa to the Large Solovetskii Island and there disbanded. In 1937-1938, many of them were sentenced to death by a camp section’s UNKVD Special Tribunal [“Troika”] and shot. The discrepancy in numbers of in the records about the transport leaving Anzer can possibly be explained by the fact that in the first inscription reference is being made to the group of people sent away with the transport, while in the second (205 persons) reference is being made to the total number of those who arrived in 1936. It has not been possible to put together a nominal roll of the entire Leningrad prisoner transport, but the names of 52 people are known. After Autumn 1939 (the abolition of the Soviet Special Purpose Prison) the former Community accommodation of the Golgofo-Raspiatskii Monastery was rarely used and maintenance was not carried out. Before the early 1990s, all the Monastery buildings were in a ruined state and inscriptions done by the prisoners were visible. Restoration and repairs began in 1994-1995. Religious services resumed in 2000. The church and the chapel were restored in 2004-2005 and the kitchens have been completely rebuilt. All traces of the Camp have been lost.
PersonsAlekseev Ivan Spiridonovich
PersonsAndreev Evgenii Porfir’evich
PersonsAvtukhov Ivan Lukianovich
PersonsBarsukov Solomon Feliksovich
PersonsBilinkis (Belinkis) Boris Aleksandrovich
PersonsBoldin Pavel Iosifovich
PersonsBrandt Mikhail Vladimirovich
PersonsCheslavskii Aleksandr
PersonsDegtiarev Nikolai Filippovich
PersonsDumin Stepan Matveevich
PersonsEfimov Ivan Konstantinovich
PersonsFavorskii Aleksandr Grigor’evich
PersonsGenin Iuda-Meer Getselevich (Iurii Grigorevich)
PersonsGoriachev Dmitrii Alekseevich
PersonsGrib Iosif Mikhailovich
PersonsGroshev Konstantin Petrovich
PersonsGusev Konstantin Innokent’evich
PersonsKazakevich Stepan Danilovich
PersonsKleperson Arkadii Fedorovich
PersonsKogan Iakov Aronovich
PersonsKokkin Ivan Aleksandrovich
PersonsKozlov Vsevolod Pavlovich
PersonsKuznetsov Piotr Elizarovich
PersonsLats Girta Ivanovich
PersonsMalov Aleksandr
PersonsMartyshevskii Georgii Mikhailovich
PersonsMatorina (Motorina) Nina Mikhailovna
PersonsMedvedev Fedor Nikolaevich
PersonsMukhin Vasilii Ivanovich
PersonsPanchev Nikolai Ivanovich
PersonsPekurovskii Leivin Genakhovich (Lev Genrikhovich)
PersonsPinaevskii Boris Iakovlevich
PersonsPoluianov Georgii Vladimirovich
PersonsPostnikov Aleksandr Sergeevich
PersonsRagulin Fedor Nikolaevich
PersonsRazumovskii Lev Samsonovich
PersonsRepin Fedor Aleksandrovich
PersonsRezental’ (Rozental’) Karl Aleksandrovich (Avgust, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich)
PersonsRiabinin Nikita
PersonsRubens Rudol’f Iakovlevich
PersonsRumiantsev Nikolai Vasil’evich
PersonsSaikin Evgenii
PersonsSen’ko Leonard Nikolaevich
PersonsSetsen Filip Borisovich
PersonsShabel’nikov Zakhar Efimovich
PersonsSheller Al’bert Fomich
PersonsShif Boris Iosifovich
PersonsShutov Aleksei Vasil’evich
PersonsSosnovskii Boris Petrovich
PersonsStarchik Feofan Vasil’evich
PersonsTorskii (real surname Indenbaum) Iakov Zakharovich
PersonsVasil’ev Fedor Semenovich
PersonsVasil’ev Vladimir Sergeevich
PersonsZolotov Iosif (Osip) Polikarpovich
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Museum exhibit /Inscription on the sill of a feeding hole.