Museum exhibit /Lock from a cell-door in the “Kresty” prison.
Rim-lock from a cell-door in the “Kresty” prison (St Petersburg, 5-7 Arsenal’naia Naberezhnaia [Arsenal Embankment], 8 ul. Komsomola). Locks of this type have been used to lock cells from the 1920s to the present time. This lock was given to the St Petersburg “Memorial” scientific information centre in 1994 (Photo 19 December 2007) 
Registration number in museum acquisition book КП-156 [KP-156]
Date of acquisition1994
Types of exhibitsMuseum exhibits/Objects/
Types of exhibitsMuseum exhibits/Objects/
Thematic indexPrison/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1920s to 1990s. Leningrad, Kresty Prison
SizeLength – 19cm, width – 12.5 cm., height – 2 cm, height of handle – 6 cm.
Description of exhibitA metal rim-lock in the form of a hollow rectangular box with openings for fastenings in the corners. There is a keyhole in the centre of the lower section. 10 securing pins made out of metal rods are welded between the two surfaces of the lock. In the centre is a right-angled door-handle, rounded at the corners. The lock is painted with oil-based paint.
State of preservationCorroded; the painted area worn away in places.
Detailed annotationA lock from the door of a prison cell in the “Kresty” prison. It was given to the museum by a member of the historic-archive commission of the St Petersburg “Memorial”, Boris Savel’evich Mirkin, who obtained it from an employee of the “Kresty” prison, Alla Zalmanovna Kaufman. According to A.Z. Kaufman, who was head of the “Kresty” prison library in 1994, locks of this type have been used for locking cell-doors from the 1920s to the present day. The lock was written off for damage and she was given permission to remove it from the prison.
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Museum exhibit /Lock from a cell-door in the “Kresty” prison.