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NameUkhta History and Local History Museum
LocationKomi Republic/Ukhta region/Ukhta town
Addressul. Mira, 56
Status of museumMuseums//
Official contact details169300 Respublika Komi Ukhta ul. Mira, 56 Tel. (7-82147) 52112 Director: Natal’ia Aleksandrovna Vitukhina
Description of museumThe Museum was created in 1981 and is situated in a separate wooden building. Since 1990 the theme of the Gulag has been part of the exhibition “S chego nachinalas’ Ukhta” [“How Ukhta Began”]. The exhibition is divided into several sections: “Pervoe gazovoe mestorozhdenie” [“The First Gas Deposit”], “Kompleksnaia ekspeditsiia OGPU 1929 goda” [“The Combined OGPU Expedition of 1929”], “Obrazovanie goroda” [“The Formation of the Town”], “Promyshlennoe osvoenie kraia” [“The Industrial Assimilation of the Area”] and “Teatr Gulaga” [“The Gulag Theatre”]. The display consists of a schematic map of the camp Ukhta-Pechora and everyday items from the camps: bread baking tins, mugs, bowls and kettles. An installation was created featuring a numbered grave post from the camp cemetery at Lezhnevo settlement. A separate stand tells the story of the military engineer R. S. Kutepov, arrested in 1944. On the stand are displayed, among other things, a saxophone and “Teksty kontsertnykh programm kruzhka khudozhestvennoi samodeiatel’nosti OLP-14 U.K. M.V.D.” [“Texts of the concert programmes of the amateur art circle of camp section No. 14, Ukhta Industrial Complex”]. In various years the Museum has organised personal exhibitions by artists who were imprisoned in UkhtpechLag: N.A. Miller (1991), V.P. Nadezhdin (2000), R.S. Kutepov (2003) and others; the materials subsequently remained in the Museum's archives. In 2005, a temporary exhibition opened in the foyer, telling the story of the war veteran and UkhtpechLag culture and education department worker A.G. Durkin. The principal acquisitions of collection items related to the Gulag theme took place in 1989-1991, in collaboration with the Ukhta “Memorial” society. Most of these items were gifts and things found during Memorial's search missions. The Gulag-related exhibits are not stored separately but grouped into themed collections. The archives hold the personal collections of former UkhtpechLag prisoners, such as the photographer V.P. Nadezhdin, the poet N.A. Volodarskii and others. The Museum contributed to the “Kniga pamiati g. Ukhty. Truzheniki tyla v gody Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny” [“Book of Remembrance of Ukhta: Labourers on the Home Front during the Great Patriotic War”] (Ukhta, 2005), published in honour of the 60th anniversary of the victory in WWII. The book presented documentary material and photographs from the Museum's archives, including life stories of Ukhta residents, including victims of repression.
Beginning (year)1989
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Museums /Ukhta History and Local History Museum