Museum exhibit /Camp number “TI-245”
Camp number “TI-245”. BerLag. 1949. It belonged to Katerina Bazhilevskaia (possibly Bazilevskaia), who was arrested in 1946 in Leningrad. It is kept in the Museum of the Occupation (Tallin). It was given to the Museum by a former political prisoner, Aadu Ol’. (Photo: November, 2010). 
Registration number in museum acquisition book 1643/001
Creator of collectionAadu Ol’
Date and place of creation1949, BerLag
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1949, BerLag
SizeLinen: 87 x 166 mm; letters: 32 x 18 mm
Description of exhibitA camp number from the female zone of the BerLag. It was made using a stencil and Indian ink or black paint. On the left-hand side there are traces of machine-stitching (1 cm from the edge). The limits of the numbers can be seen only along the top line.
State of preservationThe fabric has turned yellow and has small yellow stains
Detailed annotationCamp number “T1-245”. It belonged to Ekaterina Bazhilevskaia (? Possibly Bazilevskaia) who was arrested in 1946 in Leningrad. It was made in the BerLag in 1949. It was fastened over the left knee on a skirt or on the Prisoner’s back. It was given to the Museum by a political prisoner, Aadu Ol’.
PersonsBazhilevskaia Ekaterina, owner
Web page?Yes
Museum exhibit /Camp number “TI-245”