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A quilted jacket with the number “E-662”. It belonged to Ionas Danta (born 1913), who in the period 1951-1954 was a political prisoner in one of the camps of the SibLag (Tomsk Province). After his release from the camp Danta wore the jacket while in exile in Chuna Settlement, Irkutsk oblast', and in 1958 he wore it when he went back to Lithuania. It is kept in the “Aushros” Museum in Siauliu. (Photo 2005, 2010) 
Registration number in museum acquisition book 2149
Creator of collectionSalomeia Shkikunene
Date of acquisition13.08.1990
Years and places of existence in subject-related function1951-1954 SibLag. Tomsk oblast'.
Second half of the 1950s. Chuna Settlement, Irkutsk oblast'.
SizeQuilted jacket: size 48; length 82cm, sleeve-length: 59.5cm. Number: size of the strip of fabric: 6 x 7cm, height of the lettering: 4.2 x 2.6
Description of exhibitThe number has been printed using a stencil and black indian ink. It is sewn onto the jacket using black thread.
State of preservationThere are many oil-stains and traces of blue oil-paint. On the number strip there are two smudges from the indian ink.
Detailed annotationThe quilted jacket with the Number “E-662” belonged to Ionas Danta (born 1913), who from 1951 to 1954 was a political prisoner in SibLag (Mezhdurech’e Camp, Tomsk oblast'). After his release, Danta wore the jacket, from which he had torn off the number, while in exile in Chuna Settlement (Irkutsk oblast') and when he returned to Lithuania in 1958. Danta kept the camp number and later sewed it back onto the jacket – in memory of his time in the camp.
PersonsDanta Jonas, owner
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Museum exhibit /Quilted jacket