Museum exhibit /Blacksmith’s cleaning-rod.
A rod for cleaning the openings of a blacksmith’s forge, used by prisoners of the BelBaltLag (White Sea – Baltic Camp) during the construction of the White Sea - Baltic Canal (1931-1933). Found in 2004 on the bed of the canal in the area of locks 10 and 11, during construction and repair work. It is on permanent exhibition in the “Segezha Municipal Museum Centre” (Photo 10.08.2009). 
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Thematic indexThe Camps
Thematic indexThe Camps/
Thematic indexLife in Captivity/
Date and place of creation1930s, Medvezh’egorsk Region, Autonomous Region of the Soviet Socialist Republic
Years and places of existence in subject-related functionWhite Sea – Baltic Canal, Locks No. 10 and 11 (Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Later the Karelian Republic).
SizeLength of the bar – 71cm; diameter of the bar – 2.5cm, diameter of the ring – 9.5cm.
Description of exhibitMade from metal bar with circular cross-section. At one end the bar is bent round into a circle, forming a handle. The other end comes to a point and is intended for use as a tool for cleaning out openings.
State of preservationCorroded.
Detailed annotationA blacksmith’s cleaning-rod which was raised from the bed of the White Sea-Baltic Canal in the area of Locks 11 and 12, in 2004, during work on the temporary draining of part of the Canal for repair and reinforcing of its sides. It was probably used by Prisoners during the construction of the Canal (1931-1933). It was given to the Segezha Municipal Museum by workers involved in the repair of the Canal (the workers’ names have not been recorded). Since 2004 it has been in a permanent exhibition entitled “Dva lika Osudarevoi dorogi” [“Two Faces of the Osudareva Road”] in the Segezha Municipal Museum Centre.
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Museum exhibit /Blacksmith’s cleaning-rod.